February 18, 2018

What Makes Go Daddy The Most Preferred Domain Registrar in the World?

World’s Largest Registrar | Internet Domain Domination

In order to understand the immense impact of go daddy on the world wide web, just focus on two data figures. First is the number of customers which is more than twelve million in numbers and constantly growing with every passing day, 12 million is not a small figure, that clearly shows an immense amount of trust by internet users, so many satisfied customers will ensure more conversion since they will recommend to their friends and family to go for same company for web identity and other services. This customer referral  in return generates new name registrations and existing domain transfers from other registrars on the internet. Second figure is the total number of web names under management of go daddy, this number of above 58 million. Just imagine how a single company is able to handle domains on such as massive scale. Now if we research and read user reviews, most of the members of the site trust the company and give a very satisfactory rating because of their good service.

  • 12 Million Satisfied Customers
  • 58 Million Managed Domain Names

(Figures recorded in September, 2014)


What’s Included in a Domain Registration?

Just like other registrars go daddy provides set of tools that helps in domain related tasks. These includes the following:

  • Easy and fast Domain Name Server Forwarding which will help you connect with your preferred web host for website. Go daddy performs the DNS propagation much faster and in some cases you will get your site connected in few hours. Normally this counts between 24-48 hours.
  • Easy to setup your domain, with very basic knowledge everyone can register their web identity. Simply follow the on screen instructions and you will be able to set up your web presence in matter of minutes.
  • Forwarding domain to an existing website is super easy, simply enter url of your site or blog and you are good to go in matter of seconds.
  • Easily create multiple subdomains so you can have your website categorized into different topics. Go Daddy allows up to 100 sub-domains free of charge.
  • With 100 email aliases you will be able to create business email addresses representing your custom web identity in email format.
  • Each domain can be registered for a minimum of 1 year and maximum of 10 years in a single transaction. Multi-year registration will ensure savings but most users go for 1 year billing cycle, Go daddy provides an automatic renewal control that takes permission from user and charge your credit card or other merchant source to renew your domain automatically.
  • Round the clock (24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days an year) award winning customer support will ensure a timely resolution of your account or specific domain related problems. Simply call helpline number or submit a support ticket, each case will get expert help in short time.
  • optional feature to add private registration to your online identity, this will help your web presence to fight domain related spam, block harassers / black mailers, receive better personal and family privacy etc.

Benefits of Using Go Daddy Discount Coupon Codes

Go daddy is the largest domain name registrar in the world, this makes it one of the top most visited websites from across the globe. Apart from providing domain service, it also provides web hosting, email hosting, SSL certificates and much more. Go daddy has a powerful marketing strategy which is largely based on offering large discounts through promotions or promo codes that can be redeemed while checkout process. These promotion codes offer huge cuts and attracts customers to purchase more services. These offers are not just for converting traffic into new customer but also facilitates existing customers for service renewals which causes less users to leave go-daddy platform for managing their web services.


Monthly Promo Codes
Each month go-daddy introduces new coupon codes to users which can be found through Google search. These promotion codes sometimes provide as much as free signup but it is common to find promo code that allows a 50% discount on new registration/ signups. Millions of the users around the world use these promo codes and these are amazingly popular on the internet. What is holding you back from using these great coupon codes?

Is it Worth the Saving?
If we compare the amount for which we are getting discount, well it will be quite low for majority of godaddy users since most of the customers use the platform for domain name registrations. A regular domain discount might offer a $5 saving, but for users who need to manage multiple domains this adds up and  for a 10 domain registration or renewal it might add up a good amount. If you are using  other expensive services such as business email and web hosting then these discounts codes are blessing for the website owners. Are you kidding, everyone on the internet seek free service or discount even if it worth only a penny or $1.

Domain Market Share of The United States Companines

If we look at the data of the recent years for the american companies in the domain business we will find that the there are ten big names of the domain industry that are managing the domains providing registration and support. Altogether they are spanning 60% share of the web identities of the entire internet.

Let’s looks at the these 10 registrars and then compare the number of domains they manage, the market share they hold and their overall position according to data collected on May 2010.


  1.  Woldwestdomains.com / Go Daddy Group
    Market Share: 35%
    # of domains: 25,373,796
  2. enom.com
    Market Share: 5%
    # of domains: 3,405,217
  3. networksolutions.com
    Market Share: 4%
    # of domains: 2,874,123
  4. oneandone.com
    Market Share: 3%
    # of domains: 2,611,838
  5. yahoo.com
    Market Share: 3%
    # of domains: 2,611,838
  6. dsredirection.com
    Market Share: 2%
    # of domains: 1,731,437
  7. register.com
    Market Share: 2%
    # of domains: 1,438,786
  8. cashparking.com
    Market Share: 2%
    # of domains: 1,102,886
  9. hostgator.com
    Market Share: 1%
    # of domains: 1,055,463
  10. bluehost.com
    Market Share: 1%
    # of domains: 1,023,882

This clearly shows that the organization Wild West Domains is dominating the web domain industry with a 35% share of the entire internet identity names.  Most people do not know this company because it is actual registry infrastructure  used by the Go Daddy Group and owned by them, whereas they use go daddy website  for managing customers data and providing them registration and support.

Disclaimer: This data is collected through Intac Archives.