February 18, 2018

Godaddy Vs HostGator Web Hosting User Interface

Godaddy Vs Hostgator Web Hosting Service

There are bunch of features that one need to consider while choosing a web hosting service. These includes the server response time, page loading speed, customer support and reliability, fees and user interface or control panel. Admin user interface is of great importance, because this is the only area where customer test drive or interact with the web server. A more friendly user interface will result in higher satisfaction among members and happy to stay hosting with your company.

This is a UI comparison between the two hosting giant companies namely: Hostgator and Godaddy. How it affects the audience conversion to buy their hosting service.

Godaddy Vs Hostgator Hosting Control Panel

User interface is probably the number one factor for many visitors to turn down godaddy as their web hosting destination. The reason is that they are not using the world most widely used hosting administration interface called cPanel.


Godaddy’s own in-house custom built control panel (aka Hosting Dashboard) definitely falls short in comparison to the benefits of world’s best cPanel. For example if you need to install scripts using automatic installer then godaddy admin interface will be bit troublesome to use.


For all newbie or naive hosting users trying to operate their website from cPanel and non-cpanel based platform, then you can expect more complaints from custom built platform.However on the other hand, if you are ready to spend little time and ready to get in touch with support team in case of issue, then godaddy will work just fine.

Hostgator Vs Godaddy User Interface – Why no cPanel for GD?

One of the reasons Godaddy lacks in hosting platform is that they jumped into web hosting service couple of years back whereas Hostgator is currently the number 1 hosting provider. This clearly shows host-gator has more experience in managing servers for user websites. At least 50% of website visitors who are interested in a hosting account will simply turn down and move away from your page if you do not offer cPanel service. On the other hand, members who bought the hosting might find it uncomfortable to deal with hosting problem and will cancel the plan and leave the hosting. In order to compete with other big names in hosting industry Godaddy will surely need to incorporate cPanel either as default or as an add-on service to their clients. Once they provide cPanel as their web hosting dashboard, they will be able to attract more customer to host their website on Godaddy servers.

cPanel is world’s leading industry standard and a must have server tool for managing hosting accounts on web servers. On the other hand GoDaddy’s award wining support can handle all your hosting issues and let your website run smoothly.

business-hosting-with-godaddy-web-servers hostgator-web-hosting-discount-cpanel

GoDaddy SEO to Increase Web Traffic to Your Website

Importance of Business SEO in Fast Growing Internet

There is an immense increment in the number of websites globally which is resulting in more competition for search traffic to website that search engine send towards your website for a relevant search term. This competition varies from different niche, however the real problem is that it is increasing with passage of time and getting tougher. Recent Innovation in smartphone and tablets has made our life dependent on Internet, we are seeing massive internet surfers who use their tablet or mobile phones for shopping products and services. One of the reasons your are not able to receive good traffic to your online business is due to poor search engine optimization or SEO. Godaddy has a ready-to-use tool to increase your site’s web presence. Godaddy SEO is a paid service which makes sure that your website gets the right attention by professionally build tool that easily guides you on site structure and the ways to improve its quality, though focusing primarily on overall user experience.

GoDaddy SEO to increase site search engine traffic.

Improve Search Engine Ranking through professional Godaddy SEO help.


GoDaddy SEO to Increase Traffic to Hosted Website

Optimizing a website is no easy task, most of the website owners have low knowledge on how to effectively increase traffic to their website. The best practice is to leave it to only the experts with the right experience and knowledge. For all the hosted websites godaddy seo is available for rescue, since it has launched a powerful tool just for handle this task. You can signup for the SEO plan which cost a little monthly charges and receive a world class website optimization help from experts. Goal of optimizing your web pages is that your website receive better attention by search engines, resulting in better discovery of your site in desired search results. This will in turn bring more customers to your business.

Features of Ready-to-Use GoDaddy SEO Tool

Godaddy SEO provides an easy to follow system for optimizing web pages which will help you to:

  • Easily submit your website to multiple search engines i.e, Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others.
  • Improve your web page search rankings by analysis for better visibility in search engines.
  • Promote your site to bring more web traffic to your GoDaddy hosted website.
  • Track your website’s SEO progress via reports and revise accordingly for higher ranking.
  • Access power tools: Keyword usage, Robots.txt file and Robots Meta tag analyzer.
  • Search engine friendly sitemap builder for guaranteed indexing of all web pages.
  • 24/7 technical support via phone and email.


Godaddy SSL Certificate Benefits for Online Business

Godaddy SSL Certificates to Boost Google Traffic to Your Website

New updates of Google algorithm has made clear the importance of installing a security certificate on your website. Google’s new criteria now gives more importance to websites that run under a secure connection under HTTPS environment, so a ssl protected website will get more Google points than non SSL one that run in default unprotected HTTP environment, so SSL is an essential element in boosting Google ranking of website. Since it has now become a site ranking factor by Google, so it is best to consider installing a Godaddy ssl certificate on your website as a step toward increasing search engine traffic to your business. Till now we used SSL as a mean of security for important pages where a website member is asked to input information; mainly login, contact and checkout pages were the destination for secure connection. However Google now appreciates website owners to secure all the pages of website, this is double treat as from now on SSL (secure socket layer) promises website security as well as getting more traffic from search engines.

“SSL Certificate Installation is now crucial for search engine ranking of websites, since Google decided to give a slight boost to websites that run under SSL protection or in HTTPS environment, therefore for higher rankings secure your site with SSL today.”

Importance of website https connection in eyes of Google

HTTPS is an Important Website Ranking Factor in Google Search Engine.


Security Certificates to Protect Transactions & Sensitive Customer Data

SSL certificate provides a secure environment for visitor to engage in your website without the risk of losing their private information. This includes all the payment related data i.e; transactions and customer credit card information. Running E-commerce based website in absence of digital security is equivalent to suicide of your online business. During SSL sessions all the communication is fully protected as it is handled in encryption mode, where this third party (SSL provider) guarantee the security of information sharing between the customer/ client computer and website server/ host computer. SSL certificates supports extremely strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption which is currently the industry’ most secure communication method available.

Three categories of GoDaddy SSL certificates, these includes:

  1. Protect One Website
  2. Protect Multiple Websites
  3. Protect All Subdomains

Hacker Safe Godaddy SSL Certificate | Loss Prevention with SSL

There has been growing trend of stealing digital information from websites, it is one of fastest growing bad practice and one true dark side of Internet. Hackers primarily attack businesses to get access to stored customer information especially their credit card data. Also all your website member account are compromised. This stolen sensitive information is then used to withdraw money out of bank accounts of affected individuals. As mentioned in earlier section that SSL certificates provides HTTPS environment; a secure connection is established between website hosted server and customer’s computer to ensure all the information sharing during this communication is hacker proof. Therefore a connection under protection is first choice risk prevention measure to save your business from loss. Whereas godaddy ssl certificate will protect against these cyber dangers.

Protect Business with Godaddy SSL Certificate

Website Security Lock for Securing Digital Communication

How Managed WordPress Hosting is Better Than Un-Managed One?


For those who are familiar with WordPress will agree that it is living miracle of web technology that shows how technology has made life easier for site builders seeking a professional website ready in less time. Apart from getting your site build, WordPress ensure a smooth ride along the way with its advanced platform allowing you to update content easily.

Why Managed WordPress is Best Option for New Site Owners?

As the internet users and websites population is increasing, more people are choosing WordPress as an easy alternative of website building without wasting money on programmers and saving time. At the end of the day we should understand WordPress makes things easier for us but still it is very complicated in nature behind the scenes. Getting a very basic blog site or business site is not hard job, anyone with basic computing knowledge with little effort will be able to handle the task of building their first website but as you move forward and need to make average user level changes, it starts to become complicated and then call for professional help to get things done at which you got stuck.


Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Support Team will get the basic WordPress setup for you, so when you log in to your account you have everything ready to build your site.
  • Your WordPress is always up-to-date, new updates will be installed as soon as they are available.
  • Web Server Managers will make sure your site gets the best speed and good share of server resources so your site does not lag and can accommodate more visitors.
  • You website will be optimized for best page load times.
  • Schedules WordPress site backups will make sure you never loose your precious website content.
  • A secure web server will ensure protection from hackers and you recieve peace of mind that no can access your private data such as your emails.
  • Full server support will provide you round the clock help, if you got stuck in a problem simply submit a support ticket or call helpline.

Who Should Consider UnManaged WordPress Hosting?

If you have at least these two things under your control then you should choose Unmanaged WordPress, first is web design/ programming knowledge and second is time. If no programming knowledge but still prefer un-managed service then you need to create a team capable of handling your website or blog. In simpler terms you need Money and Time. So the money you save from switching to managed to unmanaged one will go somewhere!

Benefits and Drawbacks of un-managed Service

  • Non Managed WordPress does gives you full control of your web account, so you can troubleshoot and spend time in solving issues at your own which results in spending more time in fixing then focusing on website.
  • Unmanaged hosting will save your money since it costs much less than managed service.
  • There will be basic support from host but for handling critical issues you will be at your own.
  • You need to update WordPress and plugins manually as well as take care of website performance to ensure faster page load time.
  • No daily backups will be guaranteed, so in case of emergency you will be in danger to loose some data if not all. This calls for manual backups at your own convenience. Don’t forget to take backup when you make a very important change to your website.

Custom Build Vs Go Daddy Website Builder For Your Online Business

Evolution of Technology For Website Development

In early days getting a website done was not less than a challenge for many, this is true for lot of business owners even today. We need to understand one thing that since the technology is expanding and making things easier for us, so this must be true in getting done a website for yourself. WordPress is one of the most widely used option showing a proof that technology has made life easier for average internet users for getting their site ready in shorter possible time. WordPress does has it’s limits and require some basic knowledge of web technology, secondly it has more focus on building blogs.  When it comes to real business website, you need a more powerful tool, some time back we felt that purchasing a template and editing it will be the ideal choice to get a professional website ready for your business without wasting too much money and time on coding. However these days websites need to be dynamic and pages need to be changeable easily so static templates are now part of history, Static templates are still in use today but consider them as hard way to go.


How Go-Daddy Website Builder Has Changed Life of Business Owners?

How embarrassing it will be when you hire an average web designer at cheap rates to build your website in low price with consuming considerable amount of coding time and you end up in a website that does not look professional and will have inverse impact on your business. Instead why not try a new approach that guarantee’s a professional website and cost’s nothing and you can do it at your own without any technical knowledge by following DIY tutorials, lastly the best part is that it saves your precious time, your business website will be live instantly. Go daddy provides a very easy to use powerful virtual interface to interact and build your website in minutes.  Best part will be that it will be search engine ready and responsive design will ensure it can load on all major mobile phones, tablets, laptops/ desktop whether running on PC or Mac platform.

Most common customer reviews are “website builder makes my website look professional and i can do it myself“.

Pros/ Benefits of Website Builder Tool

  • Inexpensive way to get your personal or business website that looks professional.
  • No previous knowledge of web programming required, anyone with basic computing knowledge can do it
  • Powerful Interactive development environment (IDE) allows working with your website super easy.
  • Easily embed popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube which will ensure your pages will display fresh content from external sources such as display your twitter status or latest videos on your YouTube Channel.
  • Hundreds of prebuilt responsive templates are available free of cost. You can find a template by category, e.g: photography, cooking, automotive, online shop/ e-commerce, music, restaurant, resume, sports, travel etc.
  • Dynamic Nature of website allows you to update content on your website pages anytime and easily.
  • Responsive site design will ensure that your website is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly. No need to code separate website for mobile devices.
  • Most importantly it saves your time, your website will be ready in few hours (if totally new), or in minutes if you have small site or you have some good understanding of editing environment.


Go-Daddy Online Tools for Organizing Business Matters Professionally


There are several online office tools available to manage your business in a professional manner. Boost your business and productivity with these high end tools. Powerful applications offered by Go Daddy for managing personal business includes the following:

Online Calendar
Probably the most crucial tool for day to day business need, this online calendar provides an easy to use personal organizer that allows to schedule your business meeting and tasks to lead you in successful business journey. The only all-in-one virtual personal assistant you will ever ask for which will ensure you stay organized no matter where you are, you will have full control whether you are traveling, at home or office. Group and personal calendar will ensure you stay on track and have full control of your time schedule. Collaborative work will be much easier with group calendar since all members of the calendar will be updated with new changes instantly. It will allow freedom to connect with Outlook, import/ export with other calendars and freedom to run in major phone environments. Easily integrate with iCal and iPhone calendars, synchronize with CalDAV devices etc. Fast search will ensure you find old and current tasks faster.

Online Storage
Workspace Cloud storage will  allow easy access to your photos, videos, documents and other files just like you access files on your computer. Probably the best option for off-site backup of important files in a secure environment. You can save, retrieve and even share your data with ease. Best to securely backup your business and personal files so you can have peace of mind and know your data will never be lost. This comes free with some business class email and all corporate class email accounts.

Business Class Email
There are over twelve million users on the planet that trust go-daddy to manage their emails. You get a custom made email environment called Workspace, having a reliable business email will ensure a secure and spam free email communication. As a email user you will have freedom to access personal email from various devices including handheld devices (i.e; phone/ PDA), tablet, PC, Mac. Secondly you can get direct webmail access from your browser window or clients such as outlook and Mac Mail. All major smartphone operating systems support is available including Android, iPhone and Blackberry phone.

Hosted Exchange Corporate Email
Hosted Exchange provides a robust email, calendar and online collaboration environment from a single interface. Enjoy corporate class email with email, contacts and calendars access from anywhere. More powerful calendar will allow sharing your schedule meetings or even let other members such as your PA to update calendar for you and share with your colleagues, so managing your time will be super easy. Group calendar will allow you to connect and share your schedule efficiently. You will get free 2010 Microsoft Outlook sofware to make sure you get all your  synced emails in a timely manner.

How to Choose Go-Daddy Hosting Option for Your Online Website?

It Your Website Ready for the World?

In order to bring life to your website and make it accessible across the world wide web, you first need to host the content on a web-based server. Since servers run around the clock 24/7, so it allows users to view your web page by making it available all the time. So this answers the question of what is web hosting, but when one visits Go-daddy it shows different hosting types. what they mean and which one is right for you?

What are Go-Daddy Hosting Options?
There are four different hosting types offered by go-daddy each serving different target group.

These include:

  1. Shared Web Hosting,
  2. WordPress Site/ Blog Hosting,
  3. Website Builder,
  4. Virtual Private Server or VPS

We will explore each of these in detail in following section:

Shared Web Hosting
A shared web hosting is most common form of hosting available on the internet. In this format, you website will be placed on a web server alongwith numerous other member hosts/ sites. Each hosted site will share the resources of the computer/ server. Good web hosts take strict measures to ensure a satisfactory number of customers per server, which will result in good use of server power without down times. You will need to hire a designer/programmer to help you build the website. Scripts like WordPress can easily be custom installed in shared hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting
Wordpress being the fastest growing open source format of web presence, ideally suited for bloggers, web designers, freelancers etc. WordPress control panel allows you to use pre-built templates/ themes and plugins to ensure a fast and professional web presence. However, it requires good computing knowledge and familiarity with WordPress environment to do it yourself. At some point you might need a programmer/ designer help. Still much better and cheaper than shared format in which you need to work from scratch.

Website Builder
Godaddy has developed and constantly improving it’s web based website maker software, this is a simple DIY website designer allows you to automate your website building in shortest possible time. This powerful application allows you to choose from hundreds of prebuilt site templates and easily make custom changes with ease. This option is best if you are short on money and seeking a way to build your website yourself or through friend with good computing knowledge. You will have a fully working website without hiring a web designer. Ideally for individuals and small business owners.

Virtual Private Servers
This is basically renting a portion of web server and claiming portion of machine resources such as processor, memory and disk space share which are guaranteed all the time. VPS is a advance format of shared hosting but in this environment you have total control of the machine (virtual). Ideally for large website or website with huge traffic. Virtual hosting is good when you anticipate that your website is growing and you will need more control on server in near future.  In plain English, it is for advance users and should only be handled by professionals.


Classification of Virtual Private Servers | What to Know While Choosing a VPS?

Go-Daddy VPS

Virutal Privates Servers are ideal when you have a very large website with great demand of server resources such as website with immense traffic  OR if you need to host several websites under one roof with full control as it allows you to easily managed multiple websites. VPS can be used for many purposes, these includes gaming, online video streaming, reseller hosting business etc.  There are two major classification of Virtual Private Servers aka VPS. One should have this knowledge before choosing one web server for website hosting. There are numerous benefits of choosing a VPS in comparison to other hosting options available but basic information will help you choose the right one.

Managed Vs Un-manaaged VPS
For most internet users or non tech savvy people the best option is to buy managed virtual private server.  A managed server means all the technical matters will be handled by the hosting provider or server support. This will include managing the server hardware as well as operating system and its’ add-ons, troubleshooting problems. When a problem arises, you simply submit a support ticket from your member area and support team will take action in a given time frame. You can then follow up the ticket until the problem is resolved. Other  features of managed VPS includes Root Access,  Disaster Recovery through Backups, 24/7 system monitoring etc.  On the other hand an un-managed server demands very good knowledge of remotely handling server software. This will be nightmare for non-technical people and should only be done by professionals or you can hire a person to help you setup the server and manage it from your end.

Windows Vs Linux Based VPS
There are two major classification of VPS available in terms of operating systems: either you get a Microsoft based windows or open source Linux Servers. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks but at the end of the day the decision depends on the program/ script that you plan to run on your website. For example in order to use ASP applications you will need a windows server and similarly for running php applications you will need a Linux based server. Majority of users choose Linux VPS due to the fact most applications are executable easily and it provides a virus and hacker free safe environment which ensures flawless up-time for longer period of time. Windows can get infected with viruses easily and more prone to hack attacks from external source.  Go-daddy provides cPanel web hosting control panel with Linux servers.

Most Common Mistakes After Domain Registration

godaddy mistakes user makes

Apart from the mistake that can happen prior to domain registration (typo or wrong spelling in domain name), there are number of mistakes that are possible after domain signup. I will explain the most common ones in this piece.

Hiding Domain Name Identity: Online website not only allows good internet marketing to your business but it also makes it open to competition or unwanted advertising aka spam. Leaving your identity information means anyone with an internet can access whois information of your domain name and grab domain owner’s identify information such as email, phone number. This information can be used by spammers or competitors. It is best to use Private Registration to hide your online identity associated with domain name.

Email Signup Confusion: Most online business owners make this mistake, as soon as they register their website, they want to start using their email associated with newly signed up domain. They try to use the email at domain registrar and later find out they need to pay separately for the email usage, which they could use free of charge at their web server. It is best to analyse and decide whether you need a dedicated email service or you can use the shared space at your website for email management. Offcourse they can use go-daddy web hosting and use the email at that area. If it is business email and your business could be at stake due to loss of emails or accessibility errors, then dedicated email service should be first choice otherwise stick to your shared email at your web hosting space.

Domain and Server Linkage: Especially for web technology non-savvy users which unfortunately are in majority does not understand how their website works. As soon as they signup for their web name, they start getting confused on why their website is not working with new domain.  Their is a technical step involved which is the most important for getting your website in a working condition. This is to connect your website in most cases located in a remote server (could be anywhere in the world) with your domain name registered at godaddy located in US. This is done by entering web server nameserver information under DNS section of domain control panel. DNS stands for domain name servers.

Nameservers: A nameserver is IP address of web server where you host your website. There are normally two nameservers needed for a successful linkage of domain and server; these are called as NS1 and NS2, Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 respectively. You will need to ask your current web hosting provider for your website nameserver information.

Domain Propagation: Patience my friend, this is the number one mistake that website owners and developers make around the globe and repeatedly. As soon as you leave a linkage request between your domain and the web server, you get frustrated within few hours as you see it unable to function. One should understand since the internet and web-space is expanding resulting in larger number of web servers worldwide, it takes time to inform the internet (major ISP/ networks) about the new change. This normally takes between 24-48 hours, so once you link nameservers with domain, give it two days to establish the understanding with internet about your new domain and web-server marriage.

Benefits of Using Subdomains in Your Website

For many new site owners this is one tough question, which is  asked widely on the internet due to lack of knowledge on how these micro sites work within a main website.


First clarify your concept about subdomains,  I will try to explain it in plain English.

We all use computers and know very well that a folder can have files as well as sub-folder under it for better management of the data in an organized manner. Same goes for your website data, you organize the files into several folders and are able to access them through the domain path such as


which will load the files from the “subfolder” directory. Subdomains take this one step further by allowing you to view the same data by another path which is


So you simply add the subdomain name before your domain separated by a dot. These are quite handy in cases where you need a dedicated small site as part of your main website. Mostly users use them to create blogs, ecommerce checkouts, store, help sections.

It will make more sense if you access the website section in the following manner:


  • A dedicated url for your website blog


  • A separate section for your online store


  • A wiki section to hold help topics for the website visitors


  • A  secure checkout in a protected url


  • An SSL protected member area