February 18, 2018

Godaddy SSL Certificate Benefits for Online Business

Godaddy SSL Certificates to Boost Google Traffic to Your Website

New updates of Google algorithm has made clear the importance of installing a security certificate on your website. Google’s new criteria now gives more importance to websites that run under a secure connection under HTTPS environment, so a ssl protected website will get more Google points than non SSL one that run in default unprotected HTTP environment, so SSL is an essential element in boosting Google ranking of website. Since it has now become a site ranking factor by Google, so it is best to consider installing a Godaddy ssl certificate on your website as a step toward increasing search engine traffic to your business. Till now we used SSL as a mean of security for important pages where a website member is asked to input information; mainly login, contact and checkout pages were the destination for secure connection. However Google now appreciates website owners to secure all the pages of website, this is double treat as from now on SSL (secure socket layer) promises website security as well as getting more traffic from search engines.

“SSL Certificate Installation is now crucial for search engine ranking of websites, since Google decided to give a slight boost to websites that run under SSL protection or in HTTPS environment, therefore for higher rankings secure your site with SSL today.”

Importance of website https connection in eyes of Google

HTTPS is an Important Website Ranking Factor in Google Search Engine.


Security Certificates to Protect Transactions & Sensitive Customer Data

SSL certificate provides a secure environment for visitor to engage in your website without the risk of losing their private information. This includes all the payment related data i.e; transactions and customer credit card information. Running E-commerce based website in absence of digital security is equivalent to suicide of your online business. During SSL sessions all the communication is fully protected as it is handled in encryption mode, where this third party (SSL provider) guarantee the security of information sharing between the customer/ client computer and website server/ host computer. SSL certificates supports extremely strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption which is currently the industry’ most secure communication method available.

Three categories of GoDaddy SSL certificates, these includes:

  1. Protect One Website
  2. Protect Multiple Websites
  3. Protect All Subdomains

Hacker Safe Godaddy SSL Certificate | Loss Prevention with SSL

There has been growing trend of stealing digital information from websites, it is one of fastest growing bad practice and one true dark side of Internet. Hackers primarily attack businesses to get access to stored customer information especially their credit card data. Also all your website member account are compromised. This stolen sensitive information is then used to withdraw money out of bank accounts of affected individuals. As mentioned in earlier section that SSL certificates provides HTTPS environment; a secure connection is established between website hosted server and customer’s computer to ensure all the information sharing during this communication is hacker proof. Therefore a connection under protection is first choice risk prevention measure to save your business from loss. Whereas godaddy ssl certificate will protect against these cyber dangers.

Protect Business with Godaddy SSL Certificate

Website Security Lock for Securing Digital Communication