February 18, 2018

Google Domains For Starting Your Online Business

Google Domains Project Launched

A new registrar in domain name wars but this time it’s the internet’ giant Google! Yest that’s right Google has launched their domain registration and management service with their brand new service of “Google Domains” (Beta). This online business registration service is launched in January 2015 and offering global customers to buy web addresses of their choice.

Note: Domains project is still in Beta state and will be going through intense testing this year.

Google Domains beta : web business registration service.

Register Your Online Business Identity With Google Domains.


How to Open Google Domains Web Page?

Google Domains is a service just like other projects, so it is accessible via a subdomain as well as adding slash domain at end of Google website. Both urls are shared here:

Domain Name Prices by Google: Starting From $12 a Year

google-domain-prices-starting-from-$12-a-yearGoogle Domains Starting from $12 per year. This price might look same to other domain registrars but there is one hidden feature that makes it affordable in comparison to Godaddy, Namecheap etc. It is the private registration because Google gives a free private registration with any domain registration. So considering the privacy part at no additional fee makes it cheaper than most  domain providers. Prices vary if you select different domain endings or TLDs.  Google is offering 60 new domain endings. some of the supported TLD’s includes .actor, .clothing, .builders, .consulting, .ninja, .recipes etc. Each TLD price is different .com is the lowest with $12, rest of them cost higher, for example: .coffee is $30 and .company is $20 for one year subscription.

Google Domains User Interface: A Simple Dashboard

In terms of the web interface, it follows the existing Google policy of simplicity in a minimalist theme. Keeping the web interface to the point, only displaying what a visitor is looking for makes the website super clean and to the point.  There are just three navigation text in the header; Manage my domains, Home and Features.  There are tons of links in the footer but they take you away from Google Domains page.  Apart from that there is a domain search box with a cool background to attract all your attention,  One paragraph of text giving an overview of the Google domain name registration service and the pricing information. A colorful section about the supported website builders that you can use for your business. Finally there is a small section on online support at the end of the page. When you  search for a domain, the next page presented to you is too simple and straight forward with the search results and the suggestions.

What to Expect From Google Domains Internet Service?

Well Google does not start a project without estimating  the challenges it will face.  Internet Domain Registration is a big industry with GoDaddy being the top leader in the domain service. Surely there is a alarming situation for them and other competitors but we yet to see how well Google tackle the challenges. Competing with Namecheap, Register, Yahoo etc seems to be easy for Google in the coming years  but people won’t be ready to leave GoDaddy and Google’s domain project can only beat Go-Daddy if it manage to provide a better service. If the service is reliable then we will see a huge chunks of domains transferring to Google Domains from rest of the domain registrars worldwide.  What will happen if the service is good and Google offers a domain promotion with tons of benefits to existing domain owners? Logically speaking Google can turn the tables to its side within a decade but not without a reliable domain management.

Google Domains Project Could be a Game Changer for the Domain Name Industry.